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  Try the best Online Game and Download hub - Free!!!
  Posted on Friday January 21, @02:56AM Pacific
RealArcade is the top source for all your online gaming needs. RealArcade's free web based games are the best in the business. As a subscriber you can download any of these games and play them off-line as well. Their free RealArcade software gives you access to the gaming community and allows you to manage all your games. The best part of RealArcade is their high quality, award winning, downloadable games. They have over 250 great games and seem to add more every week. RealArcade's games cover the spectrum; a large number of puzzle and word games including several Scrabble variations, classic board games such as Monopoly, great action/adventure/racing/flying games, a handful of Mahjongg games, card and casino games, enough strategy/sim to keep you occupied for a lifetime, sports games, SpongeBob SquarePants games for the kids, and of course arcade games galore. You can try out the subscription service free for 30 days. If you choose to continue (which you probably will), for $6.95 a month not only will you receive a free downloadable game, but also $5.00 towards the purchase of another game. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
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  Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator now available
  Posted on Thursday October 21, @03:04AM Pacific
Net Devices
I just became aware of the fact that in mid-September the FDA approved the Philips Heart Start Home Defibrillator for home use without a prescription. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator is an automated external defibrillator designed to be safe, reliable and easy to use. The HeartStart Home Defibrillator provides clear, calm voice instructions that guide responders through every step of the defibrillation process. With sudden cardiac arrest, every minute counts. Sudden cardiac arrest differs from a heart attack in that it's an electrical malfunction of the heart that triggers a fatally abnormal heart rhythm. The shock from a defibrillator is the most effective way to end sudden cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association advocates early access to defibrillators. Drugstore.com currently has the Philips Heart Start Home Defibrillator on sale for $1,350. One should never need it.

  Collaborative Real-Time Content Delivery
  Posted on Tuesday December 16, @03:05AM Pacific
Now that Discount Watcher has been launched, I have had some time to take a look at what other people has been up to. Newswire caught my eye. It is a peer-to-peer, fully decentralized system that brings news to your desktop within seconds after it is published. Newswire contains a distributed state sharing engine which uses epidemic communication to synchronize with other (local) participations. It maintains information about subscriptions and up-to-date network load information from local participants and aggregates of this information from other nearby zones and some remote zones. The messages are forwarded over a SOAP based overlay network where the paths are dynamically maintained using the collected network statistics to ensure a reasonable balancing of the forwarding load. The system makes extensive use of public key technology to ensure that only messages are handled from authorized publishers and that the each participant can verify the origin of a message. Newswire is not available for public testing yet, but it looks like it might have promise as an RSS delivery method.
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  Discount Shopping Made Easy
  Posted on Friday November 28, @07:53AM Pacific
Discount Watcher automatically finds the best deals on the Internet. Discount Watcher is a service that searches the Internet to find the latest products on sale. It then organizes them by category, store and brand to make it exceptionally easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Every page on Discount Watcher produces its own RSS feed so you can subscribe to any topic that interests you and you will be alerted when a new sale item is found in that category. Browse around and subscribe. Finding the latest sale items has never been this easy.

  Personal Electroencephalogram
  Posted on Thursday November 20, @03:20AM Pacific
Net Devices
I am so overworked and exhausted that I can't resist posting this. At Comdex, a South Korean start-up, DreamFree, produced a 'brain charger'! Peeg, short for "personal electroencephalogram", is designed to stimulate different types of brain waves by sending positive waves to the wearer. The Peeg consists of a software application for Microsoft Pocket PC, headphones and a set of silver eyeglasses that look like the sort of thing triathletes wear. The device's various settings include; improve memorization, induce relaxation, sleep, vitality and recover from jet-lag. Read about it at News.com.
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  Radio Frequency Identification for Pedestrian Navigational Assistance
  Posted on Wednesday October 22, @06:07AM Pacific
Net Devices
University of Rochester researchers have come up with a unique and interesting use for the emerging radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. The Rochester team has reversed the standard radio tag setup by making the receivers mobile and the transponders fixed. Using this arrangement, information can be provided at certain points in space. The system, dubbed Navigational Assistance for the Visually Impaired (NAVI), can provide location information for the visually impaired and for other kinds of navigational assistance applications like self-guided tours.

  A Book Exchange of Infinite Proportion
  Posted on Friday March 14, @02:56AM Pacific
Born from the ideas of sites like Where's George?, PhotoTag.org and GeoCaching.com comes BookCrossing.com. BookCrossing.com coordinates the release of books. Read a book, register it, release it, then track it via BookCrossing.com. It's a global book club that crosses time and space. It's a reading group that knows no geographical boundaries. It's BookCrossing.com. Go Hunting...
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  Google Tips and Tricks
  Posted on Thursday March 06, @05:06PM Pacific
Web Apps
Want to search for recent additions to Google? Check out GooFresh. Want to search Google for two search terms that appear within a certain distance from each other on a page? Use GAPS - Google API Proximity Search. Want to find out what the smart PhDs at Google are working on? Take a look at Google Labs. Want to become a Google power user? I just got my hands on Google Hacks and would highly recommend it. For complete control of your Google search results head over to the Google Ultimate Interface. Feel free to add your own tips.

  Spatially Enhanced Presence Management
  Posted on Tuesday February 04, @09:28PM Pacific
BuddySpace aims to provide enhanced presence management in Instant Messaging by looking beyond the popular linear and hierarchical buddy lists (online/offline/away), into the realm of spatial representation. BuddySpace provides a visual presentation of your buddy list on a map or logical diagram, such as corporate campus layouts and project timelines. BuddySpace is built on the extensible Jabber platform. Interesting times ahead.
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  Make Phone Calls from your Sharp Zaurus PDA
  Posted on Wednesday January 29, @08:53PM Pacific
Net Devices
theKompany has recently introduced tkcPhone, a Voice over IP (VoIP) application for the Sharp Zaurus PDA. VoIP allows you to make phone calls between computers without any fee's whatsoever beyond the cost of the internet connection. You can make phone calls from your Zaurus to an actual telephone by making use of an arrangement with Net2Phone. A fully functional (duration limited to 30 seconds) demo is available.

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