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  Geo-Targeted Advertising
  Posted on Monday December 24, @03:06AM Pacific
Net Devices Adapt Media has introduced to New York City what may very well be the future of advertising. Currently, 50 taxi-cabs in New York City have Adapt Media displays attached to their roofs. Each display has a computer with its own ad server, a GPS device, and wireless web technologies to enable electronic taxi-top billboards to receive and display messages based on the exact time and the cab's exact location. If Macy's wants to run a sale only during lunch time, they can announce it on every taxi cab within a two block radius between the hours of 11 AM and 1 PM. Within hours of the September 11 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center, Adapt Media's billboards ran ads soliciting blood and displaying the nearest blood donation centers. Taxi-cabs may be the future of location-sensitive advertising. Who would have thought?

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