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Instant Webservices with PHP

  Posted on Friday February 15, @01:58AM Pacific
Programming Ivan Ristic has created a very cool script. In his own words, "I haven't felt this excited about a piece of code for a long, long time. I have created a really cool script that instantly creates an XML-RPC server from any existing PHP class! The idea came to me one day when I was thinking about the whole concept of webservices. I thought how great and liberating that is, and how I hate doing the boring work of webservice-enabling software. Then it hit me - it doesn't have to be like that. Because XML-RPC is just a different mechanism for invoking methods, it should be possible to add another code layer to accept XML-RPC requests, decode them into standard PHP method calls, create the XML-RPC responses and send them back." Check it out.

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