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  Collaborative Real-Time Content Delivery
  Posted on Tuesday December 16, @03:05AM Pacific
Infrastructure Now that Discount Watcher has been launched, I have had some time to take a look at what other people has been up to. Newswire caught my eye. It is a peer-to-peer, fully decentralized system that brings news to your desktop within seconds after it is published. Newswire contains a distributed state sharing engine which uses epidemic communication to synchronize with other (local) participations. It maintains information about subscriptions and up-to-date network load information from local participants and aggregates of this information from other nearby zones and some remote zones. The messages are forwarded over a SOAP based overlay network where the paths are dynamically maintained using the collected network statistics to ensure a reasonable balancing of the forwarding load. The system makes extensive use of public key technology to ensure that only messages are handled from authorized publishers and that the each participant can verify the origin of a message. Newswire is not available for public testing yet, but it looks like it might have promise as an RSS delivery method.

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