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Dental Insurance Plans Explored

  Posted on Friday January 07, @12:00AM Pacific
Musings In the United States, although it is fairly common for an employer to provide healthcare insurance, dental coverage is a rare benefit. Fortunately, I recently become aware of a wide array of discount dental plans that are available for very reasonable prices for both individuals and families.

My father was in need of a significant amount of dental work, root canal, crown, bridge; as I said the works! He went to our general dentist, but was not confident that he could do the work. So, he asked around and found another dentist with an excellent reputation. After he had his first procedure done at this new dentist, he went up to the desk to pay. The women at the desk looked at him and then said that she had to make a call to the back. In a hushed whisper she asked, "Is this really what we are going to charge him?". My father thought it strange. Before his next appointment my father asked around to find out what other people pay. That is when he discovered discount dental cards. The next time he went to this dentist he presented his card and received a 60% discount off the standard procedure cost. Well, that 60% savings more than paid for the cost of the card. He has been a happy member ever since.

Okay, enough of the story. Let me explain what is going on. If your employer does not provide you with dental insurance, it is very difficult, to nearly impossible, to get dental insurance that works like traditional health insurance. But, you do have plenty of choices amongst discount dental plans. Discount dental plans are designed to provide personal and family access to dental services at a reduced rate. These discount plans work differently than tradition dental insurance plans. In traditional dental insurance plans, you have a deductible and a waiting period for major procedures, but then the insurance company will usually cover between 80% and 100% of the cost. With a discount dental plan, for the price of the annual fee of the card, you get a predetermined discounted price off most oral care procedures; no deductible, no waiting period. You pay as you normally would, just at the pre-negotiated discounted rate. It is simple and straightforward, no paperwork or forms to fill out. It kind of works like a student or senior citizen discount card, just the saving are usually greater.

Dentalplans.com, is the best service that I've found for finding the dental discount plan that is right for you. You go to their website, enter in your zip code and they show you all the plans that are available in your area. You can then click on each of the plans to see what the plan costs for an individual and for a family, which dentists participate in that plan and what they charge for each procedure. I highly recommend it. Check out Dentalplans.com.

A friend looking to have some cosmetic dentistry done, just told me that she used Dentalplans.com to both find a local dentist and to save money.


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