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  Interested In Developing For Mobile Devices?
  Posted on Friday March 10, @03:06AM Pacific
Net Devices I recommend that you check out Waba. Waba is a programming platform designed for creating mobile applications. The Waba platform defines a language, a virtual machine, a class file format and a set of foundation classes. If you are familiar with Java syntax, Waba will be a snap. Writing your programs in Waba furnishes unbelievable portability. With Waba, you can write one program that can run on a PalmPilot device, Windows CE device or any machine that supports Java (either the JDK 1.02, 1.1, 1.2 or 2.0). Wow!

On February 14, Wabasoft released their software in open source form. The release includes source for the virtual machine and SDK and will be licensed under the (Open Source) GNU license. Catch it while it's hot!

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