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  Would You Like To Be Build Internet Intermediaries?
  Posted on Sunday March 12, @09:16PM Pacific
Infrastructure You can start building your own HTTP intermediary applications with WBI Developer Kit for Java. In simple terms, an intermediary is a programmable proxy. More precisely, intermediaries are computational entities that lie along the HTTP stream and are programmed to tailor, customize, personalize, or otherwise enhance data as they flow along the stream. One obvious set of applications for intermediaries on the web are transcoding applications, in which data of one form are transformed into another form; for instance, to transform XML into HTML to be viewed by a web browser, or to transform images with millions of colors to ones with just a few for displays with limited color depth. The key is that the server need not deliver different content in these cases, but some intermediary process can operate on the usual data, transforming the data as needed. You should take a look at Transcoding on the fly for the Web to see the power of this framework.

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