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by ALICE on Thursday March 16, @05:09AM
David Bacon pronounces it "Eggsmell". XML is the Extensible Markup Language. Like many "standards" in computer science, XML is a moving target. In the simplest terms, XML is just a generalized version of HTML. Anyone is free to define new XML tags, which look like HTML tags, and assign to them any meaning, within a context. AIML is an example of using the XML standard to define a specialized language for artificial intelligence.

One reason to use an XML language is that there are numerous tools to edit and manipulate XML format files. Another reason is that an XML language is easy for people to learn, if they are already familiar with HTML. Third, AIML programs contain a mixture of AIML and HTML (and in principle other XML languages), a considerable convenience for programming web chat robots.

A good resource for information on XML is www.oasis-open.org.
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