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  Never Miss A Phone Call Again While Online!!!
  Posted on Friday March 17, @04:36AM Pacific
Goodies BuzMe provides a powerful Internet call waiting, voicemail and caller ID service. When you're online and a call comes in, BuzMe detects you're online and the caller hears, "Welcome to BuzMe's Internet call waiting system. Please wait while I try to contact <your name here>". Meanwhile a window pops up on your computer screen informing you that you have a call and identifies the caller via caller ID. You then can either take the call, send it to voice mail, or type in a message that will then be played to your caller. It doesn't stop there. If you are not online BuzMe still behaves as a sophisticated voice mail system in which you can access your voice mail via phone or web. Incredible service and did I mention it is free!

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