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Re: Open Source Enterprise Information Portal
by Surender on Wednesday October 20, @06:36AM
Dear Sir.,

I'm basically an independent information supplier. My services

-Supplying of technical-trade-commercial publications, standards,
patents, cd-roms, virtually aa...to...zz of technocommercial
literarature from all over the world.

-Supply of worldwide databases/softwares

-Recommending small big suppliers to the purchase managers, new
units, MNC's

-Mine is basically a non profit venture and as such I shall request
your goodself to send me the following:-

Trade catalogs

Terms of business


promotional material...the more the better

Also feel free if I may be of further assistance to your goodself
from India.

Kind Regards

Surender Narain

C-9 Shri Narendra Nath Co-op Housing Society
Plot No. 15 RSC Malwani Cluster
Mhada, Malad(west)

Phone 0091-22-26113336, 26175676,26184843

Mobile 0091-9892958981
site http://accessindia.tripod.com/

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come to you properly.
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