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  Web-based WYSIWYG Web Page Editor
  Posted on Monday May 01, @11:16PM Pacific
Web Apps OmniUpdate puts you just one click away from directly updating your web pages, right in your browser. View any page of your site and update it right there, with WYSIWYG ease. The OmniUpdate service is free. It is not a website hosting service but rather a quick way for you to make updates and changes to your existing web pages wherever they are currently located. How does it work? You create an account and set up the correspondence between your website's web page server (HTML/HTTP) starting point and the file server (FTP) starting point using a wizard. When you initially start to update a page with OmniUpdate, you'll need to locate its file in a directory and click it to display the page. You then update it in a word processor-like window. When you save the update, OmniUpdate places a small OmniUpdate button at the bottom of your page. Simply click this button to login and have this page automatically displayed and available for update. Very well done IMHO.

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