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  Thinking and Linking Intelligent Appliances
  Posted on Thursday May 04, @09:20PM Pacific
Net Devices Appliances that talk to each other would make it easier to manage your home. Thali is a new company with technology that allows your appliances do just that. As a result, your everyday appliances can do some pretty extraordinary things. For instance, your bedroom alarm clock can automatically start your kitchen coffee maker 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. You can have the electric blanket warming up minutes before you get into bed­ and have the alarm clock shut off the blanket in the morning, without giving it a second thought. The Thalia system is different from other "smart house" concepts. For starters, it doesn't rely on computers. Every Thalia appliance contains HLT (Home Linking Technology) circuitry that's embedded in the appliance's inner workings. This HLT circuitry gives the appliance the ability to "talk" to any other HLT appliance. Most Thalia HLT appliances communicate using the electrical wiring in your home­. Plug them into a wall outlet and they use your existing electrical system as their communications network. Other Thalia HLT appliances are battery operated­ and use radio frequencies to communicate. Either way, appliances with HLT circuitry talk to each other on their own, behind the scenes, without any extra effort on your part.

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