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Re: Open Source Portal Servers
by Ryan Chow on Wednesday March 07, @07:44AM
I have tried many a time to install MetaDot server but had problems everytime. I get to the bit where I run "perl index.pl" to test the installation but get lots of error messages saying:

Subroutine url redefined at Channel.pm line 558
Subroutine html redefined at Channel.pm line 565

Compilation failed in require at MyPage.pm line 10
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at MyPage.pm line 10
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at User.pm line 14
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Permissions.pm line 9
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Gizmo.pm line 6
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Portal.pm line 10BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at index.pl line 27

Pls help! Is there any more similar Portal & Management systems around that does the same things?

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