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How about Making the Net More Powerful?
by The Brotherly Behemoth on Friday May 19, @07:53AM
Great article in the Post. Thanks Dave.

The idea that "Gnutella will someday run through nearly every machine on the Internet" seems fairly preposterous (at least with the current client&server Gnutella construction) because a very few small percentage of net-users have unique or even rare info on their machine. Then again, if the system is efficient enough, why can't I find my Uncle's latest vacation pictures without knowing his IP?

My guess is there eventually will be a majority of only clients (with perhaps a private/protected server) but with whoever likes being able to roll out a searchable server...

A profitable app is (as mentioned in the article) intra'GNUtella'nets for Corps. Imagine being able to find the accounting data, without having to wait for accounting to get it to you.

Again, simple but important and I'm almost done spouting.

This seem to be still plenty simple enough to get in on.

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