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Re: Add a Spell Checker to your Web Site - Hell
by Lionel D on Wednesday June 04, @01:36PM
Instead of waste your time counting the days between the purchase date and the message date (that anyway is excesive), why dont answer the message that i sent like reply on May 29? I will remind you in case that you forgot, we dont a refund, we want the British English version like you stated in your page , we invest time and money to use your product so please send me that version.
And really this time dont waste your time inventing an excuse, i dont care if you can not answer the emails because was the national day of the soap operas in the USA or something like that, the only thing that i care about the product that i payed for and the time that we invest in the development of the web.
And seriously , i think that you are bussinesman and know like consumer i have rights, so please try to sort this ASAP, because really this discussions are a waste of time and each time is going worst and is very easy to sort it out : just sending the proper software.

Kind Regards
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