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Re: Add a Spell Checker to your Web Site
by Lionel D on Thursday May 29, @05:14PM
Really i can not understand how you can say that you have thousands of satisfied costumers where since 3 weeks im trying to get technical support from Wall Street Wise Software , including emails, help desk system messages and even phone calls, all to request the Brisith English Dictionary.

Here are some examples of how your company works:
- Not Answer to the Contact Us Messages.
- Not Answer to the Emails.
- Not Answer to the phone, you run an Answer machine.

And of course, thanks to you i can not finish one application because if you dont note, here in England we speak British English.
Really im surprised of the guts that you have to say that you have Thousands of satisfied costumers while you dont give the proper support to your costumers.
Still i have the hope that some day your company will attend the phone, or answer some emails or technical support request, but believe me that im will contact consumer goverment agencies in the USA to complaint.
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