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by Nagesh on Tuesday January 29, @07:13AM
Hello there,
My name is Nagesh , i am a member of an experienced technical team at a start-up SoftWare Company in Bangalore, India. We are in the process of developing some of our ideas into products. I found your HTML2WML conversion utility news posted on the net. I request Mr.David Rubin or any concerened/related person to kindly respond at the earliset. I am looking at details like :

1)What are the required rules that the HTML/ASP code should satisfy so that it would be convertible

2)Does this utility manage WML content depending on the model of the requesting WAP device.

3)Does this utility take care of converting client-side script(JavaScript) to WMLScript.

4)What are the system requirements or platform specifications that act as the prerequisites to make use of this utility on the fly/standalone.

I solicit your kind co-operation in this regard.

With Regards,
Nagesh YH,
TechDynamix Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
Bangalore, India.
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