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  Posted on Monday June 26, @12:34AM Pacific
Goodies This is such an interesting business, I just can't help myself from pointing it out. CyberRebate sells a range of items (electronics, computer accessories, toys, games, books, music, software and more) where everything comes with a mail in rebate. In fact, CyberRebate currently has approximately 500 items that are free after rebate. CyberRebate has an easy to use website and they make the rebate process simple. After you place your order, your rebate forms become available online. You print them out and return the rebate form together with the receipt and UPC code via snail mail. You then track your rebate status online. They claim that you'll receive your rebate check 10 to 14 weeks after they receive your rebate submission. I ordered from them in January and it took about 16 weeks to receive my rebate checks. If you're willing to wait for your rebate, you can't beat free :-).

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