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  Client-side Forms using XHTML
  Posted on Monday July 10, @08:26PM Pacific
Programming Mozquito Factory transforms XHTML documents into cross-browser JavaScript. Mozquito Factory makes use of the XHTML namespace, Forms Markup Language (FML). Mozquito has also committed itself to the implementation of W3C's new XForms specification. FML does away with the idea that a single HTML document always consists of only one screen page. In FML, multiple screen or form pages are dynamically displayed depending on a visitor's interactions, such as choosing an option in a drop-down list, clicking a link, and so on. Depending on a user's choice, the page can change to display relevant information. Mozquito Factory 1.3 is available for a 30 day free trial. If you develop client-side forms it is worth your time to investigate this product.

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