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  Ultimate Notification Service
  Posted on Monday July 17, @07:59PM Pacific
Goodies iPing allows you to send customized information/reminders via telephone, pager, mobile phone, e-mail, PDAs, etc. iPing's services include:
  • Mr. Wakeup - get out of bed with news, weather and more
  • Ms. Reminder - make sure you're on time for all the important events in your life
  • Mr. Notify - Create a group list and send voice or text messages. You can even receive a confirmation in return with the RSVPing feature
  • Ms. Followup - track your FedEx packages and get called when they reach their destination
  • Mr. Dollar - receive hourly financial news updates and the market wrap-up from The Wall Street Journal
With eCal's recent acquisition of iPing, iPing technology is now integrated into eCal's Internet Calendar Engine.

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