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  Internet Connected Picture Frame
  Posted on Thursday July 20, @04:36PM Pacific
Net Devices Ceiva is a digital picture frame that has the power to load its own pictures directly from the Internet. At first, the new Ceiva digital picture frame looks, feels and acts like a traditional wood picture frame. Plug it in and you'll discover that Ceiva is anything but traditional. Ceiva can receive pictures directly from the Internet. With only two switches on the back of the frame, the device does not require the user to interact with any software or operating system. In addition to sharing photos of friends and family, Ceiva customers can now select from a range of branded content customized and delivered daily to their digital picture frame. The new services include extended local weather forecasts provided by The Weather Channel's Weather.com; daily winning lottery numbers provided by Lottery.com; horoscopes provided by Eugenia Last; and daily comics including Ziggy, Bizzaro, and Real Life Adventures. Ceiva currently retails for $249 for the frame, plus a monthly service fee of $7.99.

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