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Re: Collaborative Whiteboard?
by Jim Flanagan on Wednesday August 02, @04:23PM
The primary difference between a weblog and a wiki is that the content of a weblog is predominantly generated by an individual or small group, with perhaps a discussion board (you don't have to go far for an example of such a model...) while a wiki allows everyone to participate as peers, and, in fact, with the original wiki, there are no controls on who may add or delete what (which makes it an excellent exercise in community).

A wiki is more like a looseleaf notebook with a pencil and eraser dangling from it by a string, left lying about in the food court at a shopping mall. Anyone can pick it up and read it, scrawl notes in it, change something that someone else had written, or even tear out pages by the handful. The notebook is automagically cross indexed when words are written in InterCaps.
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