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Re: Unshrink Virus - Max McKeown
by louise on Wednesday July 10, @12:37PM
Thanks! ; )

------------ I've just been sent this;

For immediate release 13 June 2002



To coincide with the publication of their polemical new book, Unshrink, Max Mckeown and Philip Whiteley will host a seminar on 24 July explaining why people are not resources, economies are not systems, and organizations are not machines.

Mckeown and Whiteley make the audacious claim that the unwritten assumptions of most people in business – ‘fat cats’ and trade unionists alike – are based on false notions of inevitable conflict. They have marshalled the evidence, and set out a theory, that illustrate our hidden inter-dependence, and how we damage ourselves when we attack others. They have identified some widely believed myths about work that shrink the significance of people or even deny their existence.

The shrinking myths are that:
We are what we do
Work is more important than life
People obey orders
All change is good
Companies are machines and economies are systems

Unshrink establishes new principles, including
We are not what we do but what we can become
Work does not come first it only serves life
We are all human
Only good change is good
Organisations and the world comprise communities and not machines

Unshrink shows that a shift towards decency is good for business – demonstrating the link between happy employees, satisfied customers, profitable companies and healthy societies. It contains ideas for the individual, for the manager, for the company, and for our world. But it is not a self-help book. It is a message. People are not resources. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Seminar
Venue: Pearson Plc, 80 The Strand, London WC2R 0RL
Date: 24 July 2002
10.00 – 12.00 Short talk and presentation by Max Mckeown and Philip Whiteley, followed by open discussion.
Refreshments will be available.

The authors

Max Mckeown is an independent consultant with web consultancy Maverick & Strong, a company that specialises in rebuilding organisations around their customers. He is a business writer and strategy consultant to organisations across industry sectors, and is also a popular conference speaker and regular magazine columnist. He is currently strategic advisor for a number of global business ventures. Max is also the author of e-customer (ft.com) and Why they don’t buy (Financial Times Prentice Hall).
Philip Whiteley is a freelance author and journalist, specialising in personnel and management issues. Philip speaks regularly on the relationship between better management of people and business success, and on the use of language in business. He is the author of Motivation and People Express (Wiley-Capstone).

The Book
Unshrink - Yourself, other people, business, the world will be in bookships by 7 August
by Prentice Hall Business, priced 12.99. ISBN 0273 656147

For more information, please contact:
Philip Whiteley
01525 405564, email phil@whiteleywords.com

Max Mckeown
0113 252 6216, email max@maxmckeown.com

Helena Dahlstrom, Pearson Education
020 7447 2021, helena.dahlstrom@pearsoned-ema.com
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