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  Posted on Thursday August 03, @10:33PM Pacific
Collaboration Every day on the Internet people exchange millions of electronic messages containing nuggets of information, knowledge, content, and data. Every question is asked, every answer is given, every gem of a website is uncovered, every picture is seen, every movie is reviewed, and every statistic is researched several times every day. And then they are lost. Enter The Onclave. The Onclave aggregates, contextualizes, archives, and makes available those nuggets so that once they're found, they stay found. The Onclave is the open market for knowledge, information, and idea exchange. The Onclave is a small but growing community. I would like to see them tap more into the greater flow of information on the Internet. A good place to start might be Search.EditThisPage.com and the XML-RPC Interface to that search engine.

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