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  The Web: It's not just for desktops anymore
  Posted on Friday August 04, @07:48PM Pacific
Net Devices From HP Laboratories comes CoolTown. Imagine a town where people, places and things are citizens of the Web. They are citizens in that they are connected to the Web, have Web facing representations, and can offer and participate in services on the Web. This is the vision of CoolTown. You can start experimenting today with E-Squirt. E-Squirt allows small footprint devices with limited user interfaces to participate in rich web services by interacting with web-connected appliances. For example, your Palm V could e-squirt a web page to a printer, a presentation to a projector, or an MP3 file to an Internet Radio. Very much the Jini vision, but with clients for PalmOS and HP's Jornada WinCE available today.

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