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  Visual XML Tools
  Posted on Sunday September 03, @10:25PM Pacific
XML There are a lot of XML tools available in various states of development. I recently had a chance to evaluate IBM's Visual XML Tools and found them to be quite useful. The Visual XML Tools package consists of several tools:
  • Visual DTD - a tool for creating and viewing DTDs
  • Visual XML Transformation - a tool that can help you create a new XML document from existing XML documents. In addition to generating the XSLT script that will transform the source XML documents into the target XML documents, this tool generates a Java class that performs the XML to XML transforms
  • Visual XML Creation - a tool for creating XML documents from an SQL query
  • Visual XML Query - a tool for helping you construct an XML query expression
  • Visual XML Builder - a tool for constructing valid XML document from a DTD
You can read more about these tools at developerWorks. I will keep you all informed as I evaluate other XML tools.

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