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  Posted on Wednesday September 06, @06:11PM Pacific
Web Apps fusionOne has developed "Internet Sync" technology. fusionOne intends to make information access seamless and simple across multiple communications and computing devices. With fusionOne, users enter information just once in any device with assurance that the information will automatically be updated in their other devices, including cell phones, PCs, and handhelds. In addition, you can access all your information through the web at eDock.com. fusionOne allows for synchronization of not just calendar and contacts, but commonly used files and browser favorites as well. fusionOne employs a unique store-and-forward, transaction-based architecture that rapidly synchronizes information across both compatible and traditionally incompatible systems. As information is entered or modified in one device, it is automatically forwarded to a neutral storage space on the Internet to be broadcast to the other devices the moment they connect to the Internet. Recognizing that operating systems and applications vary across devices, fusionOne automatically adapts and instantly translates the information to the appropriate system.

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