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  Infinite Storage
  Posted on Thursday September 21, @05:21AM Pacific
Web Apps i-drive is a free service which allows you to store and access any file over the Internet. i-drive also makes file sharing easy. There are several features which make i-drive unique amid it's many competitors:
  • i-drive has eliminated storage limits - save as much as you want
  • i-drive allows you to add meta-data to your files making them easier to recognize
  • with i-drive's playlist you can stream your MP3s directly from your i-drive
  • i-drive also supports WebDAV(Web Folders) allowing you to save and manage files in Windows Explorer
i-drive also seems to take security very seriously. According to their website, "i-drive.com's servers physically reside in a locked datacenter, protected 24 hours a day by security personnel, surveillance cameras, and biometric door locks."

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