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  Hey! Are you context relevant?
  Posted on Thursday November 02, @08:40PM Pacific
Collaboration Name is Aaron; I'm the brother of David, the owner of this bad boy. Work's been keeping Dave too busy to post as frequently as he would like to (baha for him), so I'm going to try to pitch in with the occasional article. You can tell my posts easy, they're the long ones :)

Would you let someone else decide what content is relevant to your site?

Vendio.com is an affiliate program that tells website owners that they can provide superior product placement and that they don't need the website's owner's help to do so. Simply load their JavaScript on a webpage and they will find the specific items that are most relevant to the content of that page. Their applet will also display and rotate the items they have selected. Change the content of the page, pop the same code on a different page, they don't care. They will quickly find what's most relevant to the new info and start displaying that. Homestead offers Vendio's program to their homesteaders.

Fizzylab has a proprietary Relevance Engine(tm) that promises not to search based on keywords, but rather to match themes or concepts for its users. The technology is mostly being used to allow "related articles" buttons to analyze a large database of articles and then link to the few that are actually relevant. You'll have to click to find out if it works.

If you are interested in how an AI could potentially match context, see this paper.

I'm more interested in the possibilities of cross-site sharing (in something resembling real time). So, if there were a Gnutella like system that could every morning pull article headlines off Infolets and the sites that Infolets trusts and could then populate a designated section of your webpage with links to the articles from those site that are relevant to the current content of your webpage, would you use it?

P.S. My company, KarateDepot.com, sells through Vendio but we don't use their (or anyone else's) context matching technology on our site.

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