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Subway Guide for your Palm Pilot

  Posted on Tuesday November 07, @02:24AM Pacific
Net Devices Metro is an indispensable freeware tool for travelers everywhere. It computes the optimal way, using public transportation, to travel from one location to another. It includes subway routes for more than 140 cities, running the gamut from major cities such as New York and London, to smaller cities such as Helsinki and Bucarest. Best of all, each system is packaged as its own .pdb file - so you can install only the ones you need, without wasting Palm memory on those you don't need. Pick-lists are utilized throughout to make data entry quick and simple. Queries return with precise directions that include the number of stations you'll pass, the number of connections/transfers you'll need to make, and the estimated travel time; it will even alert you if your desired station is closed at the chosen time. A "Back" button lets you compute your return route without having to re-enter the same information. Selected routes include highlighted listings directing you to various tourist sites. Ten different language versions are included in this outstanding package.

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