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  Track and Eliminate that Spam!
  Posted on Friday December 15, @10:52AM Pacific
Web Apps Hi, I'm Joseph, a friend of Aaron (the brother of David - the guy who runs this site) and I just found a great site that allows you to find out how spammers got your email address, and even better - a way to stop the spam.

The site is SpamMotel.com and it requires only a small download to work. When you click on the SpamMotel icon on your desktop, a box pops up that lets you type a reminder note to remind you why and to whom the email address is being given. SpamMotel then records this reminder note, and logs the date and time. It creates a special email address for you to give out instead of your real one. Simply paste this special address into whatever field requires it. You're all set; you don't need to do anything else.

Whenever the sender (or spammer) sends you email, it is forwarded to your regular e-mail address along with your reminder note and other useful information, which appears at the top of the e-mail. They tell you when the special address was created. How many e-mails you've received from that sender. The date that the sender last sent you e-mail.

If you're getting spam, it's then easy to temporarily stop or permanently delete that address - effectively stopping the spam.

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