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Re: Where is my Bus?
by Ken Schmier on Tuesday October 26, @08:18PM
As inventor and founder and CEO I admit to a degree of bias.
Nevertheless, I do use buses that are served by NextBus and I find it very useful. I do not leave my office until I know the Emery-Go-Round or AC Transit 19 will be outside. Transfering from the Golden Gate Transit 42 to the AC Transit 72 Rapid I was assured the vehicle would come in 3 minutes, and had that time been longer I could have taken the 72 local that was already at the stop but woud have been slower to my destination.
I use NextBus on my Wap phone, a convenient way to get NB information.
The engineers at NextBus have done a great job of building out this idea. Do we have problems? Sure we do. But we have identified most of them and have thought through solutions. Hopefully our customer base will grow to sufficiently support us so that we can build an almost perfect solution.
Ken Schmier
CEO NextBus
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