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  Open Source Wireless Content Transcoder
  Posted on Friday February 02, @12:04AM Pacific
Infrastructure Morphis is a Java based web content transcoding, transformation, translation and aggregation framework. Although it was primarily built for retrieving and translating XML based documents, it is capable of performing any type of translation: binary, plain text, or text markup. Therefore, Morphis is able to convert XML into HTML or WML, while also being able to scale, crop and convert images on the fly. As Morphis is targeted at transformations for wireless devices, a major component of Morphis is WAX (Wireless Abstract XML). WAX is a markup language aimed at wireless application development. WAX tags are designed to be at a higher level of abstraction than prior standard wireless markup languages, and may translate to different GUI metaphors when rendered on different devices. For example, the <wax:binarychoice> tag renders as two soft-key choices on most Phone.Com browsers, but will render as a drop-down box on a Palm Pilot. The WAX language is translated to various wireless languages via XSL stylesheets. Currently stylesheets exist to support translation to WML, HDML, and HTML.

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