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Ideas in Location based Gaming
by Gaurav Gupta on Sunday October 17, @03:46PM
Location based Gaming

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a game development company in New Delhi, India having exciting new ideas in Location based gaming that we would like to co-develop with you. Our concepts have a strong Location basis- mixed with novel creative ideas to provide a lot of fun, education and information for the player. We propose developing such games on the following grounds:
Game-stories that rely entirely on geographical objects/entities can be developed. A (proposed) game- 'Scotland Chase' may be a Hide-and-Seek featuring objects/entities a player sees (example a bridge or a street) in real-time for catching a group of fugitives running around his city.
Games that heighten play experience based on a player's Location can be developed. For instance- level situations in a game may correspond to the physical entities/circumstance that the player finds around him/herself at any time.
Location helps us understand what activity the player is involved in at that moment. Analysis of his/her location history briefs us about his/her personality ,tastes, likes and dislikes. [Why? If a person spends a lot of time everyday in a Gym then we know he/she is health enthusiast..etc. ] With this information, we can supply games/information/news which is most to his liking
Location based games that involve the local merchandize/trader/shops/stores can be developed. The stories will encourage people to shop around and generate revenues.
Location based games will be developed to encourage interaction between strangers in an area, [especially across sexes] that shall add to it's appeal as a 'social-fueler'. Matchmaking and dating games can be developed help people to meet new friends anywhere they go.
With myself being the inventor of a GSM based Locative system titled "Relative Locative system for a GSM Environment", that won the first prize in MapIndia 2004, we are aware of location technologies and how best to incorporate them into Gaming!

The following link takes you to the Locator architecture we developed. Please look for The best Technical Paper award on the page.

MapIndia 2004 Event Synopsis, winners of awards and Jury
Complete Paper:

Kindly let me know how we can go ahead on this matter.

Thanking you and looking forward for your reply,

Yours Truly,

Gaurav Gupta

E- 363 Mayur Vihar-2
Delhi 110091
Ph: +91 11 32305179, 55265450
Web: www.beedance.com
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