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  Location-based Mobile Gaming
  Posted on Wednesday February 21, @11:22PM Pacific
Net Devices It's Alive, a Stockholm-based company, has created Botfighters - the world's first location-based mobile game. In BotFighters, the players locate and shoot at each other with their cell phones. Mobile positioning is used to determine whether the users are close enough to each other to be able to hit. On the BotFighters website, the players may upgrade their robots, buy weapons, view high scores and get the real time position of other players. During a game play, the player sends an SMS (or uses his WAP phone) to check his targets real time physical location. If the target is within range, the player can shoot by sending a "fire" SMS. The mission of the game is to locate and destroy other robots. Even if you can't travel to Stockholm, their website is worth a look.

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